The Landing 2003

Photographic and Video Installation

“…all really inhabited space bears the essence of the notion of home. In the course of this work; we shall see the imagination functions in this direction whenever the human being has found the slightest shelter; we shall see the imagination build “walls” of impalpable shadows; comfort itself with the illusion of protection-or, just the contrary, tremble behind thick walls, mistrust the staunchest ramparts. In short, in the most interminable of dialectics, the sheltered being gives perceptible limits to his shelter. He experiences the house in its reality and in its virtuality, by means of thought and dreams.
– The Poetics of Space. Gaston Bachelard 1958

This work was made over a two year period working in Portlaoise prison under the artist-in-prison scheme. I could not have made this work without the help and support of the people who allowed me to witness and record their space.


‘The Blue Room’ • video installation • 22:28

Design: iCulture